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THE FOUNDATION OF Global Powersports Manufacturing Incorporation’s UNION

On December 28th, 2015, the Trang Bom Union Standing Committee held a ceremony establishing Global Powersports Manufacturing Incorporation’s union and admitting 5 working employees into executive committee of the union.

Global Powersports Manufacturing Incorporation (GPMI) was invested by VPIC Group – Taiwanese group was set up since 1994, specializing in manufacturing vehical and motorcycle part.

After getting many supports and helps from Trang Bom Federation of Labour, figuring about the constitution and the law of Vietnam Union as well as the labour code, seeing benefits of having Union in a company and a approval from the General Director. The labor collectives agreed to set up GPMI’s Union and starting to admit member.

Mr. Cao Van Hung, the president from Trang Bom Federation of Labour directed the executive committee of the union need to do its function: representation, taking care, protecting the legally benefits and rights of workers and focusing on main missions: educating, promoting emulation movements to achieve the production goal of the company to improve living standard and working spirit of GPMI’s workers.

On behalf of the steering committee, Mr. Huang Kuo Cheng – Deputy Financial General Director of GPMI – appriciated for the caring, helping from Trang Bom Federation of Labour and the company hopefully keeps receiving that supports for the union to finish its job well and appealing workers always make products with high quality to ensure the life of workers as well as GPMI getting better everyday.