Manufacturing Capabilities


High pressure aluminum die-casting is a manufacturing process where the molten metal is injected into a mold cavity which is created by two hardened steel dies that have been machined to the desired component shape with high precision.

Aluminium die-casting components are ideal when high volumes are required, parts must be lightweight with high strength or the environmental operation temperature is high and corrosive.

At GPMI we are equipped with fully automated state of the art die casting machines ranging from 350T to 1250T, which allow us to serve a variety of OEM industries. With our highly skilled team, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field, we can guarantee you parts and products will be of an exceptional quality at an economical rate.



ADC-3, ADC- 5, ADC-12 and A-380

Equipment and volume

1 set TOSHIBA 1250 tons DC1250J-MC / Capacity 104K units per year

1 set TOSHIBA 800 tons DC800J-MS / Capacity 134K units per year

2 sets TOYO 650 tons BD-650VC EX / Capacity 321K units per year

2 sets TOYO 350 tons BD-350VC EX / Capacity 351K units per year

Mold Longevity

50, 000 shots for 1200 and 800 tons; 80,000 shots for 350 and 650 tons