Our promises

Our promises

What makes GPMI so unique? Its capacity to perfectly integrate Asia and the West have best to offer

The best of both worlds

BEST of Eastern productivity and competitive prices with BEST of Western technologies, timeliness and flexibility. We understand both, we apply both, we optimize both.

BEST vertical process integration offering the BEST manufacturing and assembling of frames, as well as complete products.

BEST quality and precision at less than 50 PPM and still BEST competitive prices for this exceptional level of accuracy.

BEST ERP software to control production by MRP, BEST inventory T.O

BEST delivery with 98% on-time and BEST warranty.

BEST technologies and production capacity yet BEST in adaptation even for small quantities

BEST and most stable manpower in the industry with our 1,500 qualified employees incorporating BEST high-level management practices.



GPMI’s efficiency is based on genuine knowledge. Knowledge of our clients’ needs, knowledge our loyal employees acquire over time and knowledge our team of expert managers bring to the table always.


GPMI has a completely system in research and development. The autonomy design capability has increased, the core technique has been well implemented, and the skillful and talented staff have been cultivated enthusiastically. So as the peculiar brand can be well-known in the world.