GPMI is a lot more than just manufacturing. We will support you throughout your project from the time you imagine it to when it is completed with the outmost precision and success

Design Services

Complete services by a team of highly experienced designers, specialized in the sport product industry that can make each product, each component as efficient, differentiated and reliable as can be, using in-house unique technologies. Better design, better products.

Simulation and Optimization Services

Each component or product is then analyzed and optimized by a team of highly skilled engineers using computer-generated simulation and other state-of-the-art technologies, making them ready to be manufactured without costly delays or production try-outs. Production ready, market ready.

Sourcing Services

A special material, a unique component, perfectly fitting parts? We will source and integrate into your project whatever you need to have your sport product exactly as you require it.

Manufacturing Services

Our most advanced modern plants and highly trained employees will manufacture each component or product precisely to your specifications.All you need, when you need it.

  • Complete manufacturing and assembling services
  • Extremely high quality control
  • Very low minimum order
  • Adapted packaging
  • Guaranteed timely delivery

Management Services

Your business project supported each step of the way by our business. We do not simply design and manufacture, we add our knowledge to yours. Together we think, together we succeed.

  • Project planning
  • R&D
  • Cost estimates
  • Look and graphic design
  • Market intelligence