What makes GPMI so unique? Its capacity to perfectly integrate Asia and the West have best to offer:

The best of both worlds

  • BEST of Eastern productivity and competitive prices with BEST of Western technologies, timeliness and flexibility. We understand both, we apply both, we optimize both.
  • BEST vertical process integration offering the BEST manufacturing and assembling of frames, as well as complete products.
  • BEST quality and precision at less than 200 PPM and still BEST competitive prices for this exceptional level of accuracy.
  • BEST and most stable manpower in the industry with our 1,500 qualified employees incorporating BEST high-level management practices.
  • BEST ERP software to control production by MRP, BEST inventory T.O
  • BEST delivery with 98% on-time and BEST warranty.
  • BEST technologies and production capacity yet BEST in adaptation even for small quantities.